where to go when you are here?

The queeruption cellphone is: 052-3725519 (From abroad: 972-52-725519).
You can call us after you arrive to Israel, you can use a public phone with a Telecard (a card with an amount of money on it to use in public phones) that you can buy in every shop. there are not a lot of public phones in Israel that take money, so it’s better to buy this telecard.
if you are being detained in the entrance for more then just two or three hours you should have the right to make a free phone call. call us and we will see how can we help.

After you arrive to Ben-Gurion Airport (and if you don’t arrive from Ben-Gurion please email us for different information) you should take the train to Tel-Aviv Merkaz (Center). the train works from 3:53am till 23:23pm and it leaves the air-port to Tel-Aviv every 20-40 minutes. you will have only 10 minutes on the train so enjoy it.

If you come before the 30th of July:
We have a place for people in the roof of the apartment in 32 Sheinkin st.
from Tel-Aviv merkaz train station take the bus no. 5 or 18 to the city center. ask the bus driver what is the closest bus stop to Sheinkin st.
if you take line 18 you should get of in the first stop on Allenby st. and walk in the in the same direction that the bus continued on till you’ll see to your left sheinkin st.
if you take no. 5 you should get off on Rotshild Blvd. next to Sheinkin st. and then turn into sheinkin st.
if you prefer not to use buses, you should take the train to “Tel-Aviv hagana” station and from there walk to Levinski st. in the direction of the central bus station and go to the left on David Zemach st. , there will be service taxis (a small bus with 10 sits) over there and you should take line 4 (”kav arba” in Hebrew) and ask to go down on Sheinkin.

If u come on the 30th of July or after:
come directly to the place of the Queeruption in Hertzel street 146.
From Tel-Aviv merkaz train station take bus number 18. Ask the driver for the first station on Salame/Shlomo street (after the bus is turning right from Haaliya street). You will get of in Salame/Shlomo street 69. Go back to the corner with Hertzel and turn right. Keep walking in Hertzel for 2-5 minutes and before you get to the next main road (Kibutz Galuyot) take the right alleyway. You got to hertzel 146. it's the Silver/Queens/Shchitut club. Welcome!!

* for more info about the time of the train go to:
for more info about the time of the buses in Tel-Aviv go to:

in case there is no train, at nights (23:23pm-3:53am), on friday evening (from 15:00) and saturday (till 21:00), you can take a private taxi from the airport to Tel-Aviv. if you find other people to join you to the taxi it should be cheaper.

it is not impossible to try and hitchhiking (lifting, thumbing, hitching or tramping) from the airport. Just look around and ask people if they are going in the direction of Tel-Aviv with a car.

Train from the airport to Tel-Aviv: 12 NIS (3$)
Buses: 5.20 NIS (1$)
Service taxis (in Tel-Aviv): 5 NIS (1$)
Private taxi from the airport to center Tel-Aviv: 100-120 NIS. (25$-30$)

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