Program Outline for Queeruption Tel-Aviv (August 3-13, 2006)

(the schedule and the contents can, and may be changed – it’s a DIY event!)

Thursday, 3rd August
Welcome / Orientation day, including guided tours around Tel Aviv-Jaffa (which will be pretty closed due to “TISH'A BE'AV” – the Jewish holiday marking the destruction of the Jewish Temple).
Evening: Night swim at the beach

Friday, 4th
Workshops and films about Israel, Palestine and about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Evening: Open party – “Godess is a DJ and everyone is a godess”.

Saturday, 5th
An introductory visit to the Separation Fence, Jerusalem and the West Bank.
Evening: Protest in Tel-Aviv against the war in Lebanon.

Sunday, 6th
Workshops and films…
The beginning of the queer basketball championship.
Maybe other political actions in Tel-Aviv (it's Hiroshima Day today)…
Evening: Palestinian Party.

Monday, 7th
Workshops and films…
(International Transgender Rights and Education Day)
Evening: The Mice show and a Drag King show.

Tuesday, 8th
Workshops and films…
Evening: The Queeruption Sex Party (on TU BE'AV – the Jewish festival of love!).

Wednesday, 9th
Workshops and films (including practical training for demonstrations in the Occupied Territories)…
The final match in the queer basketball championship (+radical cheerleaders?).
Evening: A night of fire in a natural spring in the Jerusalem area.

Thursday, 10th
Joining the demo in Jerusalem (instead of the World Pride parade)
Evening: Alcohol-free Evening?

Friday, 11th
Joining the people of Bill’in in their weekly protest against the fence.
Evening: Queerhana party in nature

Saturday, 12th
A day of conclusions and goodbyes…

Sunday, 13th
Post-Queeruption beach party

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