Useful data on safety

MC pick wrote:

Here are some updated data about the (subjective) level of danger in the Middle East. Anyone knowing further sources, plz share.

Spanish Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores recommends to citizens from the Spanish State to avoid northern strip in Israel (meaning territories close to the Lebanese border, including Tiberias and Nazareth) and areas near Gaza Strip. Both areas are defined as "high risk" ones (from a three level risk continuum: high, moderate, low). The rest of the areas of the country -they explicitly mention Jerusalem and Tel Aviv among them- are defined as "moderate" or "middle" risky. There are no "low risk" areas in Israel nowadays, according to them. They advise not to travel to Israel for tourism or any "unimportant" activity ("well -I thought- Queeruption is important!") but at the same time don't find advisable cancelling business trips or anything like that as the probabilities of risky situations are not high. They recognise that most of Israeli territory is reasonable safe. But they also warn -IMPORTANT- that controls at borders are more inflexible and harsh than usually. They mention Ben Gurion airport as the border where those differences are more noticeable, but any Israeli border officer is acting the same at all the entrances to Israel. The Spanish Government is not preparing any kind of urgent evacuation of Spanish citýzens who live in Israel (in Lebanon they did) and they announce they don't foresee anything like that in the close future.

According to the Spanish Government the West Bank and Gaza Strip are not Israel, so those territories are not included in the comments of the previous paragraph.

I also e-mailed two Spanish girls friends of mine who have been in Palestine and Israel for the last two months, as I wanted to receive a second version from someone not related directly to Queeruption. Both of them -one staying in Ramalla (West Bank), the other one in Tel Aviv- agree THEY DON'T FEEL THE SITUATION RISKY FOR THEM. One of them is even planning to travel to Haifa (northern Israel) in a few days to attend a feminist lecture. Their messages even made me think that recent e-mails in the list from Queeruptioners in Tel Aviv, compared to my friends' ones, were too alarming and wary . That's because they look after us 🙂

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