Few Updates from Tel-Aviv

1) first, i want to thank you laurette for your amazing work you did for this queeruption. i know i personally got a lot of energy and belief from our friendship and i'm thankful for it. you are right, the community is already exist and this gathering will only strength it. i'm so sad you won't be here but you will be here in a way…

2) i also want to tell all of you that some queeruptors are already here in israel-palestine. in the last week people came from canada, paris, amsterdam, us and the uk. before 10 days (before the attack on lebanon) our estimation was that 70-140 people will come from abroad to q9. now it's really hard to say but it still defenitely more then 50 people.

3) on thursday we had an amazing benefit party for q9. more then 700 people came and had the chance to watch a drag queen from palestine, drag king from jerusalem, punk drag, nerdy-sexy-commie-girly singing and more… we covered the place with planes and soldiers dolls. someone wrote on the mirrors: "beirut is free. gaza is free. tel-aviv is free".

4) yesterday we had the biggest demo in tel-aviv against the war in lebanon. 5,000 people marched, among them a big "black and pink block" which was beautiful. check the report and photos.

5) tonight we will have our weekly meeting of the organizing group. it's the last meeting before we are getting inside the club we rented… one of the topics for the agenda tonight is what we are doing instead of the world pride parade in al-kuds-jerusalem. if you have any ideas – you can send them to me or to the list.

6) i had my 27 birthday this week. don't forget to bring me a present when you come (; Uri.

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One Response to Few Updates from Tel-Aviv

  1. toin aka riko הגיב:

    happy birthday uri…

    soon in tel aviv….

    can t wait to be all together..


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