Topi:"can't wait to be back in tel aviv"

Dear all queeruptors, actual and potential,

Sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but I was so inspired by people's
responses from Tel Aviv that I felt I should give something of my
perspective about the upcoming queeruption in case it helped anyone in
considering whether to go or not.

I arrived in Tel Aviv in January and have been working with the
organising group since then in a state of perpetual surprise and
inspiration. really. Few times in my life have i felt so connected with
a community of people working so hard on something amazing and few times
have i felt so supported and cared for. Out of the idea for a safespace
during Q9 we created the t-team – a trauma team for activists in
israel-palestine (or at least the israeli side so far) and have hence
created something desperately needed that's been a great source of
personal support and learning for me. I also had the opportunity to tour
on behalf of queeruption in catalunya, spain, galicia and the basque
country and every time i showed the movie and spoke about q9 i felt proud
to be part of something so damn cool.

Right now i'm back in England and i've been talking to folks who are
thinking about not booking their flights to t.a. or cancelling them or
whatever and i feel saddened that q9 will be missing so many amazing
people because of the incredibly shitty happenings of this week. i can't
say that i personally feel any less safe about flying to tel aviv right
now than i did 6 months ago. the time i've spent in palestine made it
perfectly clear to me that the war there is perpetual and though bombs
might not be 'raining' onto 'israeli soil' every day, it's clear that the
danger lies in who you are and where you live. i don't imagine the
privilage of being in tel aviv and not beirut, gaza city, bil'in, sderot
or wherever has changed so drastically in the last few days.

I do understand how it seems from afar. right now i'm trying hard to
limit my input from the mass media and trust instead in the views of my
friends who i've found to be much much more reliable. i also understand
that it's hard to imagine planning parties and sex parties and porn
workshops when 'israel's at war'. but i have to say, from my limited
understanding, that israel always is. that's the situation when you
organise a queeruption somewhere like tel aviv. there's occupation,
there's war, there's religious fanaticism in jerusalem that offers
rewards to anyone who attacks gays during world pride. And there's also
an amazing network of people opposing all of that, constructing
something beautiful and free and respectful in its place. there are
people taking direct action and people supporting them. there are
people opening a new world through party and people breaking boundaries
with sex. there are people who worked for over year to make the best
queeruption ever.

daydreaming at my computer at work, inspired by the thoughts of friends,
i can't wait to be back in tel aviv.

topi xx

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