some questions about video camera and materials

do you think it`s problematic to go out from Israel/palestina with min Dv-Material?
a lot of people are doing it. some of them (espicially people who are sespected in solidarity work in the occupied teritories) get some problems with it at the air port. it's shouldn't be a big deal. you can also send it by mail to your country and save any problems.

is it problematic to film there without a press card?
no, it's not a problem, though sometime press card can help you.

could i make copies some where? is there the possibillity to edit the material somewhere? do you have an videocollective or people who could help?
it should be possible. you should check it with indymedia group or some individuals in the queeruption.

i will organise a paper from the artschool that says im on a artproject. do you think that can help?
yes. it might help.

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