Love and Solidarity to our friends in Lebanon

some of you are probably watching the TV and think "what the fuck i'm going to do? is it a place for a queeruption or is it a real war zone?!"

well… this messege was written for you.

Hello all of you lovely queers

We are sending this messege to let you know that we are all ok, and that missiles do not get any where near Tel Aviv, and to send our love and solidarity to all of our friends in Lebanon who are suffering from the Israeli army heavy bombardment.

We know that the Western media makes it look like a war is going to start soon, and there are some chances that the situation will escalate more then it is already.

But, there is a very big gap between what the media says and the actually situation here in Israel and especially Tel Aviv. Life are going on as usual, people are going out tonight just like in any other night (and there is right now a very successful benefit punk concert for the queeruption going on in Tel Aviv) and the situation up north seams to have almost no effect about what is going on here in the center.

This is the sad and annoying truth about living in Tel Aviv, it is almost unaffected by the daily wars, conflicts, occupation and killing that is going on in this region. Hundreds Palestinian die in Gaza and no one here feels it, people are sitting in shelters in the north of Israel/Palestine and when you go in the street you feel almost nothing.

When we took upon ourselves to make Queeruption 9 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, we knew it wouldn't be an easy task, that there will be problems, worries, conflicts in our own queer movement and difficult organizing. But we decided to do it anyway knowing the problems we are facing.

We are still totally convinced that this was and is the right decision to make, and for us nothing changed.

We urge you to write us if you have any worries or fears about what's going on and we promise we will try to help and explain as much as we can.

Kisses from Tel Aviv,


Queeruption Tel Aviv organizing group.

3 Responses to Love and Solidarity to our friends in Lebanon

  1. […] Esta es la información que nos llega de los organizadores de queeruption 9 en Tel Aviv, a través del blog. No podría ser peor momento para acercarse a Israel. O tal vez sí podría ser peor. […]

  2. יוסי הגיב:

    אחלה בלוג!

  3. misha30792 הגיב:

    אחלה בלוג!

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